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SafeKiddo Parental Control


SafeKiddo is an easy-to-use parental control application designed for parents who want to know what their children see while surfing the Internet using a smartphone or tablet and to be sure that it is always safe for them.SafeKiddo allows to control the time child is spending on using tablet or smartphone for entertainment purposes while allowing communication functions of the device. SafeKiddo app protects your child on your home network, on public WiFi networks and on 3G, 4G or LTE mobile networks.
* Safe web browsing based on child's ageSafeKiddo provides suggestions to what web page content your child should have access. You can easily change those settings if required.
* Time controls for web browsing and applicationsSet up time access restrictions for web browsing, applications and games usage on child's device.
* Grant access to application stores and individual appsControl access to application store and approve new applications and games installed on the device before the child can use them.
* Safe Search mode for Google, Bing and YahooSafe Search mode is always enforced for Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Your child will get only appropriate search results when searching web pages images and videos.
* ReportsYou can get overall reports on child's web browsing activity and detailed log of all browsed or denied webpages.
We are constantly improving SafeKiddo to be the best parental control app. If you want to share your opinions or comments with us, please contact us at
SafeKiddo is available with all functions for free with 14 days trial.